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The harbour and its famous Wall


Artists' promenade

Albissola, home of ceramics

Artisan masters since more than 500 years


Sports on land and sea


And the prehistory prince

Pertini's Stella

Patrizio visits the town where President Sandro Pertini was born

Marina di Andora

A public harbour with social significance

Marina di Loano

Syusy tests the moorings of Loano


The fifth maritime republic


Walking through the history...

Savona: tourist harbour

A little jewel since Middle Age

Savona: Stazione Marittima

Il polo mercantile e culturale del Palacrociere

Savona slices and focaccias

Tasting local street food

The Cetacean Sanctuary

Sighting whales in the Ligurian Sea

Savona slices and focaccias

Log book

Adriatica reaches Savona and Patrizio after landing immediately gets guidance from two authentic Savona people, Silvana and Felice, for the discovery of gastronomy in the city. More specifically, street food! The first stage is the shop of Antonio, famous for his “slices”, a must above all on winter afternoons. The “slices” are Arab rolls filled with fried chickpeas, they look like French fries, but only to look at. Patrizio tastes everything: “The bread absorbs the taste and ... purifies the frying!”

The gastronomic exploration continues, and Felice Rossello introduces Patrizio to the focaccia. In Savona in addition to the yellow one with chickpeas, there is a white one made from corn, typical of the city and only to be found here, something the people of Savona are very proud of. Patrizio certainly doesn’t forego the “scientific method”, which obviously means comparison through tasting...

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