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And its Celtic feast

Balzi Rossi

The cliff, the cave and the little beach


The tourist harbour and a walk around

Imperia: Oneglia Harbour

The east harbour

Imperia: San Maurizio Harbour

The west harbour

Imperia: Villa Grock

Syusy visits the eccentric clown Grock's home

Imperia: the Carli Museum

Syusy visits the oil museum

Marina degli Aregai

Santo Stefano harbour

San Bartolomeo a Mare

A public port perfect to stock up with provisions

San Lorenzo Marina

A Blue Flag marina

Sanremo public harbour

All that boaters need to know when they arrive in the city of flowers

Sanremo: flowers to eat

...not only to look at!

Sanremo: the Ariston Theatre

A guided tour with Walter Vacchino

Sanremo: Portosole

Il porto privato di Sanremo


The town of painted doors

San Bartolomeo a Mare

Log book

Not even half a mile west of Cervo Ligure there is the tourist harbour of San Bartolomeo a Mare, where Patrizio arrives directly escorted by the person responsible, Niccolò Galleani. A small and pleasant harbour, which looks a bit like a camping site! The usual frequenters know one another, help one another, and go fishing together ... But it is also a famous harbour for those who want to stock up with provisions, with trolleys coming and going directly from the supermarket. There are 166 boat places, the draught goes from 3 and a half metres at the entrance to an average of 2 metres 40, the radio channel is 9 and regarding exposure to the winds there is some sirocco and southwest wind. Booking a boat place is very simple: San Bartolomeo is in the “Yacht Pass” circuit, and you just have to enrol in the site to share your data with all the sailors that belong to it through the internet!

Patrizio then meets the deputy-mayor Valerio Urso, who enthusiastically explains the philosophy of the harbour: all the small very welcoming public harbours along the Ligurian coast are like the beads of a rosary, the yachter arriving here has to be able to follow a pathway and stage after stage to organize his or her holiday. For this reason the commitment of all tour operators and administrators must be to set aside self-defeating parochialisms, instead providing all possible information to valorise the territory and to allow visitors to structure their own itinerary, from Genoa to the French Riviera. It is unrealistic to think that a yachter will come from France to spend a whole month in a single harbour! It’s much better to encourage going around, valorising the beauty of nearby places. For this reason at San Bartolomeo the percentage of space for transit is even larger than the canonical 10%, at the average price of 30 Euros a day including services. The reasoning probably works particularly well because the deputy-mayor is himself an impassioned sailor ... when the administrator is so involved it’s a guarantee!


The harbour provides the following services:

  • Financial services - ATM
  • Health transport
  • Maritime bureaucratic services
  • Fishing articles
  • Short-stay car park
  • Long-stay car park
  • Mail
  • Catering services
  • Pharmacy
  • Services for animals

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