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Assonautica harbour La Spezia

Right at the end of the Gulf

Bocca di Magra

Between the Apuan Alps and the river mouth

Castelnuovo Magra

Vermentino or Sciacchetrà?

La Spezia naval museum

A journey in the history of navigation

La Spezia: Gulf Palio

An historical competition

La Spezia: Porto Mirabello

Yachters are all equal

The road of love

The romantic coast of La Spezia, Riomaggiore


The harbor, surfing and... anchovies


The Cinque Terre national park

Fezzano harbour

The very west side of La Spezia Gulf


A village spontaneous... out of this world


Montale's hometown, in the Cinque Terre national park


Intact nature reserve

Pontremoli: Museum of the Stele Statues

What do we know of our prehistory?

Porto delle Grazie

And the tradition of ancient boats

Porto Venere

A treasure in the Gulf of La Spezia

Riomaggiore, Manarola e Monesteroli

Cinque Terre national park: turism, land and agriculture

San Terenzo: Villa Shelley

Back in time to the first '800


Mario Soldati's hometown, literature and trekking


Verso gli scavi archeologici della Villa romana

Porto Lotti

On the Gulf of La Spezia

La Spezia: Porto Mirabello

Log book


The entrance to Porto Mirabello faces west and like other harbours in the Gulf of La Spezia it is well protected. To contact the harbour by radio use channel 73.

The person responsible for the harbour, Daniela, explains to Patrizio and Mattia that there are 460 boat places, for boats from 14 to 100 metres, there is no draught problem and the moorings are very spacious. There are services of every type for yachters, from the basic services (water, electricity, waste disposal) to a team of people responsible for mooring, electric cars for movements, swimming pool to relax in, conventions with the Cinque Terre Park, but also with restaurants, shops, museums, and spa. There is also a laundry and columns with wi-fi checking the consumption of each single boat.

The harbour is also equipped for entertaining the crews of boats that spend the winter here, thanks to conventions with some bed and breakfasts and even with a champagne bar!

Daniela reassures us on the fact that all boats, even the smallest ones, are very welcome. The fundamental principle is “yachters are all equal.”

Porto Mirabello - email:

Channel VHF 73 operative from 8.00 to 24.00


  • 470 boat places
  • Max length 100 metres
  • repairs, maintenance, towing and launching (travel lift 160 t and availability up to 500 t in the immediate vicinity)
  • mooring people
  • divers
  • 2 fuel stations (including a high-power one for super yachts)
  • 287 garages and outdoor parking for a total of 1300 car places
  • surveillance 24/7
  • scooter, bicycle, luxury car, courtesy electric car rental
  • boat rental
  • on-board catering service


The harbour provides the following services:

  • Financial services - ATM
  • Health transport
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite TV
  • Maritime bureaucratic services
  • Fishing articles
  • Short-stay car park
  • Long-stay car park
  • Broker services
  • Catering services
  • Pharmacy
  • Services for animals

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