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Assonautica harbour La Spezia

Right at the end of the Gulf

Bocca di Magra

Between the Apuan Alps and the river mouth

Castelnuovo Magra

Vermentino or Sciacchetrà?

La Spezia naval museum

A journey in the history of navigation

La Spezia: Gulf Palio

An historical competition

La Spezia: Porto Mirabello

Yachters are all equal

The road of love

The romantic coast of La Spezia, Riomaggiore


The harbor, surfing and... anchovies


The Cinque Terre national park

Fezzano harbour

The very west side of La Spezia Gulf


A village spontaneous... out of this world


Montale's hometown, in the Cinque Terre national park


Intact nature reserve

Pontremoli: Museum of the Stele Statues

What do we know of our prehistory?

Porto delle Grazie

And the tradition of ancient boats

Porto Venere

A treasure in the Gulf of La Spezia

Riomaggiore, Manarola e Monesteroli

Cinque Terre national park: turism, land and agriculture

San Terenzo: Villa Shelley

Back in time to the first '800


Mario Soldati's hometown, literature and trekking


Verso gli scavi archeologici della Villa romana

Porto Lotti

On the Gulf of La Spezia


Log book

Together with the boys of the Cinque Terre National Park, we leave Adriatica and head for Monterosso. Claudio explains to us that in the Marine Protected Area they gladly welcome boats, but they discourage wild anchorage – which in some zones is forbidden anyway – to protect the seabeds. In some places you can moor by tying the boat to a buoy, but you have to ask for permission – free – at the administrative office of the park and the boat must not exceed 24 metres in any case.

Disembarking at the harbour you are struck by the enormous statue of Neptune guarding the gulf; seen from behind you discover it is nothing but the base of a terrace on which people danced!

Stunned by the landscape set between sea and hills we set out to visit the house that belonged to Montale, a poet that wrote his most beautiful poems here. Massimiliano tells us that because he was excluded from an inheritance, the poet could not live in the villa anymore and, suffering a lot because of this, every time he went past by car he lowered the curtains so as not to see that lost wonder ...


Capuchin Monastery

For all those that do sporting tourism, above all lovers of trekking, Cinque Terre is a unique place! Sea, mountains and paths that connect all the villages, foot, boat, or train itineraries ... Syusy, accompanied by the executive officer for tourism of the commune of Monterosso, Elisabetta del Bene, visits the Capuchin Monastery, where she is welcomed by Father Renato, who shows her the sacred art treasures kept here, among which is a crucifixion by Van Dyck.

This monastery is the “monks’ paradise”, a marvellous place it is difficult to get to, but then you touch the sky with a finger! Here there is almost no need for sermons – Father Renato says smiling – because the natural spectacle that can be admired on the whole Cinque Terre Gulf is already in its own way a sermon, it is a Hymn of Creatures ... In the gardens around the monastery cultivated by monks and volunteers, luxuriant plants of avocado and pink grapefruit grow, and also lemons, mandarins, oranges and capers ... truly a luxuriant earthly paradise in the palm of the hand. A particular place of the soul where every month retreats and reception of groups are organized, pilgrims but also simple tourists that come with devotion to see this marvellous place.


The harbour provides the following services:

  • Services for animals

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