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And its Celtic feast

Balzi Rossi

The cliff, the cave and the little beach


The tourist harbour and a walk around

Imperia: Oneglia Harbour

The east harbour

Imperia: San Maurizio Harbour

The west harbour

Imperia: Villa Grock

Syusy visits the eccentric clown Grock's home

Imperia: the Carli Museum

Syusy visits the oil museum

Marina degli Aregai

Santo Stefano harbour

San Bartolomeo a Mare

A public port perfect to stock up with provisions

San Lorenzo Marina

A Blue Flag marina

Sanremo public harbour

All that boaters need to know when they arrive in the city of flowers

Sanremo: flowers to eat

...not only to look at!

Sanremo: the Ariston Theatre

A guided tour with Walter Vacchino

Sanremo: Portosole

Il porto privato di Sanremo


The town of painted doors

Imperia: San Maurizio Harbour

Log book

At Porto Maurizio, Patrizio is accompanied in his exploration by Giampaolo Nante – the person responsible for the New Imperia Harbour – who above all helps him to get his bearings among the various area that today constitute Imperia: to the west there is Porto Maurizio, the old town of sailors once faithful to Genoa; to the east there is Oneglia, once faithful to the Savoys and for this reason called “the very faithful one.” Two different histories, two different cultures that today are mixing but were once an expression of fierce divisions. On one side the “Ciantafuche”, that is the people of Oneglia (literally “those who put up the gallows” for executions), and on the other the “Cacellotti”, the people of Porto Maurizio. The clashes between the two factions often led to throwing of stones, until in 1923 the two suburbs were unified to form the Imperia that we know today.

The new Western Harbour has been active since April 2010, and from being a commercial harbour in 18 months’ work it has been completely transformed, redrawing the whole urbanism of the city. Today it has 1300 boat places, for boats from 5 to 90 metres, and provides all the services of the modern harbour (water, light, wifi, laundry, galley, bilge disposal, etc.) and its proud boast is an outdoor gym: the quays and wharfs are actively experienced by cyclists, skaters, joggers, etc.

The new harbour has the ambition of blending the two souls of the city not only ideally, but also physically: the waterfront walk, the artificial beach and the support area for maxi yachts connect Porto Maurizio to the urban park at the end of which you find yourself in Oneglia again, to the east.


The tourist harbour provides the following services:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Maritime bureaucratic services
  • Laundry
  • Fishing articles
  • Bilge disposal
  • Short-stay car park
  • Long-stay car park
  • Broker services
  • Catering services
  • Services for Animals

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