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The harbour and its famous Wall


Artists' promenade

Albissola, home of ceramics

Artisan masters since more than 500 years


Sports on land and sea


And the prehistory prince

Pertini's Stella

Patrizio visits the town where President Sandro Pertini was born

Marina di Andora

A public harbour with social significance

Marina di Loano

Syusy tests the moorings of Loano


The fifth maritime republic


Walking through the history...

Savona: tourist harbour

A little jewel since Middle Age

Savona: Stazione Marittima

Il polo mercantile e culturale del Palacrociere

Savona slices and focaccias

Tasting local street food

The Cetacean Sanctuary

Sighting whales in the Ligurian Sea

The Cetacean Sanctuary

Log book

Maurizio Wurtz speaks to us of the Ligurian coasts and of all that area inhabited by whales and sperm whales that extends as far as Sardinia. We discover that the structure of the sea is particular, since there is no continental shelf and this means that the depth of the sea reaches 2000 metres and that the water turnover is very fast. Hence there are optimal conditions for the survival of the cetacean.

To sight the whales you just have to look at the horizon. As soon as they are sighted it is important to respect them, that is to say to switch off motors, and not to disturb them or interrupt their passage. The fact is that if they are disturbed they are dangerous animal: even a small movement of the tail can capsize the boat, so it is better to be careful.

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