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And its Celtic feast

Balzi Rossi

The cliff, the cave and the little beach


The tourist harbour and a walk around

Imperia: Oneglia Harbour

The east harbour

Imperia: San Maurizio Harbour

The west harbour

Imperia: Villa Grock

Syusy visits the eccentric clown Grock's home

Imperia: the Carli Museum

Syusy visits the oil museum

Marina degli Aregai

Santo Stefano harbour

San Bartolomeo a Mare

A public port perfect to stock up with provisions

San Lorenzo Marina

A Blue Flag marina

Sanremo public harbour

All that boaters need to know when they arrive in the city of flowers

Sanremo: flowers to eat

...not only to look at!

Sanremo: the Ariston Theatre

A guided tour with Walter Vacchino

Sanremo: Portosole

Il porto privato di Sanremo


The town of painted doors

Sanremo: flowers to eat

Log book

Patrizio meets Gianluigi Roverio, an exceptional guide in Sanremo for discovering the world of flowers that are to be looked at, but also eaten! Flowers, Giuseppe explains, are also used in the food sector, to prepare soft sweets, jellies and ice creams. Tradition and innovation at the same time, then, to overcome a moment of crisis and to respond to foreign competitors. Patrizio visits the laboratory, almost a factory! Actually it is the place in which Giuseppe’s family selects the flowers, washes them and minces them with a kind of mixer. The result is a liquid with little pieces of flowers in it to which some organic cane sugar is added. Finally, it is all pasteurized, put in pots and labelled.

This half-processed product, completely organic, will then be used for preparing jellies and jams.

And how much are flowers to be eaten appreciated? Judging from the medals and from the prizes that Giuseppe’s family has won, it seems that this tradition started by his grandmother enjoys great success!

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